Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilator

Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilator

The purpose of ventilation systems that remove smoke and heat, also called smoke control hatches, is creating and maintaining a smoke-free zone above the floor in case of a fire.

At the same time, the systems remove hot gases which are generated in various stages of burning.

Using such systems to create smoke-free zones underneath the layer of suspend ed smoke is relatively common all over the world.

The smoke control hatches below have two purposes:

In the first case (140° in case of a fire)

the hatch is opened fully and a natural draught is created in the building, exhausting carbon monoxides quickly and without hindrance.

In the second case,

hatches can be used to control daily ventilation (hatch opens by 30°).


The above standard describes the parameters of smoke hatches used for natural smoke and heat ventilation. The installed smoke hatches must be tested at accredited laboratories pursuant to annexes to this standard which prescribe the requirements on smoke hatches.

Smoke control hatches used for buildings must contain the required CE mark.